Published Mar 15. 2009 - 12 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Scierra IC3 Reel

Hello Everyone,

I hope you can help with some advice...

I have recently bought a Scierra IC3 Reel, what attracted me to the reel was the Cassette system which seems like a great light way to carry around up to 4 lines and be able to change lines quickly...... that is where i have problems.

The instructions tell you that a light push will free the cassette from the spool.... with my reel this is not the case ... often i have to wrestle with the thing for 20 mins before i can free the cassette...... as you can imagine this is NO fun at the water....

Does anyone else have this problem with Cassette type reels ? any good tips? ( I have tried a bit of works for an hour or so, then the thing gets jammed again...

Thanks !

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It should come off easily, and almost "drop" off as far as I understand. I have only handled the reel a couple of times, but looking at the image on Scierra's web page it seems like you loosen the spool part from the housing and simply drop off the cassette.

Are the surfaces clean and free of scratches etc.? If there's something stuck between the spool part and the cassette and the fit is tight, you might have the problem there. Is it the same with all cassettes? You might have a flaw in a single one. If not the spool might be out of shape. It is plastic (or at least a compound) after all.

Apart from that it's back to the dealer and complain...


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Hi Martin,...

Hi Martin,

Thanks, It is the same with all cassettes , have cleaned all parts over and over, but it makes no difference.

I will go to my dealer and watch him try to get the cassette off....



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Hi Ruan...

Hi Ruan

I have one of these IC3 reels, funny creatures... I like the cassette idea (I had one from Leeda/Dragonfly before), but unfortunately the craftsmanship on the Scierra reels isn't really top notch, but then again the price is quite reasonable...
Despite this I use my IC3 reel for most of my coastal fishing.

And now to the funny part...
I had similar problems with getting the cassettes off, perhaps not 20 minutes of wrestling, but long enough. Then I took my gear with me on a plane to Norway, where I did a bit of fishing on the south coast. Then, when I was about to change lines, to my amazement the cassette came off without any effort (almost causing me to drop it into the water). When I tried the other two I had with me they where the same. I don't know why...

Apart from this I had one defect cassette, where some air had gotten trapped during molding. I complained and got two new ones instead.

Taking the plane to Norway (or somewhere else) is probably a bit too expensive in order to fix your reel, so I guess going back to the dealer is your best bet.


Casette reels...

I bought Hardy Demon a couple of months before and I am very satisfied. I have tested the reel 3x in Denmark in saltwater. The reel works well and looks well too :-)
The extra spool costs only 10 GBP.
The changing of spool is very sophisticated.
The only disadvantage is the price. The reel with two extra spools cost over 200 GBP and it is more than for other casatte reels.

BTW: On you can buy Scierra EDP with extra spool only for 40 GBP.


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