Published Apr 18. 2010 - 11 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Reel and snake guides damaged by fly line?

Hi all
Anybody came accross the above problem?
My friend got SA professional full sinking line and after 20 trips his reel and guides look like filed down. Rod Winston and reel Vision XLS-rather decent stuff. I've seen photos and it looks really bad. The line contains tungsten powder and we think it's the cause. SA do not respond to my message(sent another one just now). He posted his story on our forum and some more people seem to experience the same thing. What do you thing?

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Re: Reel and snake guides damaged by fly line?...


Amazing! I have often heard people express fear of such wear - especially when I have shown them my braided shooting line - but I have never seen this actually happen. None of my own rods have any signs of wear, but your photos shows guides, which looks like they were filed down! Not nice.

I guessed cheap guides until I read your post. Brand rods normally means good guides.

Your arguments sound reasonable. I have some sinking lines, which are quite rough, and definitely feels like they could gnaw in a guide.

SA's reaction (or lack of same) is unfortunately not uncommon. Someone should teach these companies that mail-addresses and contact forms means that people will contact you, and not replying is like not picking up the phone when it rings!

Let us know what you find out.


Hi Martin...

Hi Martin
I do not use sinking lines. There's no need for that in my case. The whole thing is amazing. SA they've got contact option on the website and I got the response. Anyway they not very entusiastic about the thing and the research on that. I mentioned in my corespondence that the line my be fake(people are capable). They say that it is unlikely their line could do that and they do not know how they can to find out. I said there's an easy way-we send the line(plus guides to look into) and just go fishing! The thing is, my friend do not want anything from SA if there is no fault on their side. But if the line is the cause, SA should compensate, of course the only if they consider themselvs a serious company. I'd would be at least curious that some of their product may be forged! Anyway, we going to send the line soon and if any results came up, we'll let you know guys.
The reel photo attached.

Hi All...

Hi All
I got reply from Dell Kauss who delt with this problem in SA USA. He said he took a look at the line and didn't find anything wrong. So basically there's no progres. I asked him to send the item back to me cause I going to put my old greys on risk and find out in practice whats up. To be continued...

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It's an amazing story!
I can't see how any line could mar both your guides and the reel in that way. I have never seen anything like it!

What line was it if you don't mind me asking?
What type of fishing - particularly the water. Dirty, with silt, very salty?
Did you strip in any way extreme - like really fast two hand retrieve?

Let's know how this develops.


It iis not my line and I...

It iis not my line and I actually didn't see it. SA Professional Full Sinking WF-6-S type 6. Thats what I know. I'm waiting fom for the line to arrive and will put my old rod on risk. I considered sand to be a cause but don't know. I got my finger cut by sand while fishind SA Sharkskin. I'll keep you informed.


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