Published May 26. 2012 - 9 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Freshwater line or salt line

Is it okay to use freshwater line in saltwater? Or it is critical to buy saltwater line?



I am not sure about the point in your post but I try to write some thoughts......
As far as know, is the taper of saltwater lines more for bigger flies and windy conditions, so I wouldn't use it in freshwater, when I want a delicate presentaion of the fly. The other way round, freshwater line in saltwater can work, If you're able to manage bigger flies and windy conditions with it - why not?
Do you fear that the saltwater is to agressiv for a freshwater line? If yes, rinse it with freshwater after fishing, that should work. But I don't have experience with it, because there is much less salt in "my" Baltic Sea than in the Atlantic Ocean where you seem to live.
I hope my thoughts are answering something in your questions.



Thanks, janw! :D...

Thanks, janw! :D

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I honestly don't think that the difference between saltwater and freshwater lines lie anywhere else than in the taper - the line profile. The materials used are the same as far as I know, and I don't think any line labeled freshwater will suffer any harm by being fished in the salt.

I have never looked at the fresh/salt labels wen buying lines, but always selected the taper I want, which in most cases has been lines meant for freshwater.

There are of course special cases, like the extra stiff lines for tropical saltwater, but they will work equally well in warm freshwater.

So basically I'd choose my line based on taper and performance, and if you rinse it now and then, it will work fine for years.


Thanks, Martin! :D...

Thanks, Martin! :D


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