Published Aug 12. 2006 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Applying Epoxy

Hello Guys,

I want to make the Epoxy Miracle fly but it will be the first time that I will use epoxy in my flies.
Could you give me some tips and tricks how to apply epoxy on a fly?



Hi guys,...

Hi guys,

I've bought Z-poxy, 5 minutes setting and i thought let's give it a try.
The article about the epoxy miracle gave enough information how to tie the fly.
I took some photo's of my little creations :)
These flies will be used as little bait fish to catch North Sea mackerel and sea bass.

1st fly is with blue


2nd fly is with chartreuse and a little bit of olive



Martin Joergensen's picture

Fine results...


Excellent results with the epoxy. I'm sure the fish will try to trash your flies, but not succeed... ;-)


Kasper Mühlbach's picture

Lino, ...


very nice. They look exactly they way they should. Obviously you found a way to control the epoxy.

Kasper Mühlbach



Thank you very much for the feedback and thank you very much for all the nice and cool articles on the GFF website.


Hey Everybody,...

Hey Everybody,
I just ve got question. Do you know how, or where I can get a Softex???? I am not able to buy it....... :?


One trick with this type of fly is to use two coats of epoxy. A light coat in the head area. Rotate till dry. This helps keep the shape. When dry add the eyes and do the second heavier coat. Enough to cover the eyes and create a smooth bullet shaped head. You won't get that little bit of sag behind the eyes, not that fish care. Those are nice looking flies
Going back to the first coat. If you wanted to create a fly with a wider profile, not sure what other type of bait fish you have over there. Just before the epoxy complete hardens dip your fingers in a dish soap/water solution, I use Photo Flo, and squeeze the epoxied area. This will spread the material. Add the eyes and second coat of epoxy.
If you want a fly that doesn't sink as fast, and will even hang in the surface film. Use clear silicone for the head. A light coat to start, uses the same solution or Photo Flo to smooth. Add the eyes before it dries. Then a light second coat to hold the eyes in place.

Not sure where you're located, but if you're in the States. Many fly shops carry it or you can get it on line. Nasty stuff though.
Again, if you're in the States you can also look for Clear Plasti-Dip, it also comes in colors. You can sometimes find the clear in home improvement stores, and you should be able to find it on line
I think Wapsi has come out with something callled Flexo Body. They just packaged either Softex or Plasti-Dip in a smaller container with a tube top to speed and control the application. Much better that trying to dip the fly. Less exposure to the fumes.


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